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How Web Design Makes Information Accessible

f you’ve designed or built a website before, you may have heard the term “accessibility.” All businesses or content creators with websites should know about website accessibility and how it can improve user experience and benefit their reputation and sales. So what is web accessibility? Accessibility refers to initiatives that help individuals with disabilities use websites, making content more accessible to screen readers and adhering to design principles that make website content easier to read.

Website accessibility allows more people to interact positively with your brand, generates more traffic, and improves your reputation. Depending on where you live and operate, accessibility may even be a legal requirement.

Web design is important for accessibility, but you should also consider website development. Developers can use many backend processes to improve accessibility, especially regarding how screen readers read different aspects of the website and in what order. That being said, the design still plays an important role. Here are a few ways web design can make information more accessible: 

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