11 Web Design Tools Used By Web Designer To Design a Website

We always keep discussing the importance of websites but never the importance of different tools used for designing a website. There are different tools used for designing and arranging content on the website. Some of these tools are free while some of them are paid.

These different tools help in different activities such as:-

  • Editing and arranging content
  • Editing pictures
  • Editing template of website
  • Adding videos

So these are some of the activities that a designer can do with the help of different tools. There are thousands of tools available to design a website but not every tool is trustworthy.

Different Trustworthy Tools For Website Designing

1. InVision Studio


InVision studio basically covers all the aspects and it also comes with a variety of options and interfaces. InVision studio includes tools for different design of prototyping and working with different tools.

Strength of InVision studios lies in prototyping, responsive and collaborative design. Apart from this, there are different animations and transitions you can include as well while using InVision studio. In addition to this, one can also avail the benefits of creating number of artboards and studio layout engine will help you adjust the screen automatically.

Image Source : Invision


2. Adobe XD


Adobe XD offers best services for digital projects under the goodwill of Adobe creative cloud suite. But Adobe XD isn’t the same as Adobe and there are some changes in it as well. However if you compare Adobe XD to other tool in the market it will surely lead and also Adobe is worth for UI design

XD has different drawing tools that help a person to make and draw different types of pictures. Apart from this, you can also import your work done on Photoshop and illustrator. In addition if you are already using other Apps of adobe, some features will be similar to that of other apps.

Image Source : Adobe XD


3. Figma


Figma is basically a design tool that helps a designer to collaborate multiple designs in one frame. It is very effective compared to other tools. It is usually available in browser, windows and Mac. Apart from this, there are both free and paid versions available for users.

Some of the outstanding features of Figma are that it has a similar USP as sketch and as discussed earlier it helps designers to use multiple design making it more effective. Furthermore, Figma is also useful for quick mock MVT’s.

Image Source : Figma


4. Proto.io


Proto.io is an application that helps prototype to convert fully rough data into fully fledged designs. This tool also provides a wide range of options for your project including different animations. At the initial stage you can start by hand-drawn styles and enhance them further with your creativity. You can also add plug-ins which helps you to use different applications in one app.

Furthermore, there are groups of different demos available to start your training. There are some features that are recently added to proto.io which include asset manager, develop guides and the ability to record your prototype.

Image Source : Protoio


5. ProtoPie


ProtoPie is a web designing tool that allows you to create complex interaction and help you design ideal end function. ProtoPie doesn’t require any code hence it is easy to use an app and it has the ability to control the sensor of smart devices such as sound, tilt and 3D touch.

The new version of ProtoPie has two new features that include editable SVGs which you can add to your screen and now it also helps in finding distance between two layers upon selection. Keeping an account of your project, it is a great tool for encompassing native apps.

Image Source : Proto Pie


6. Flinto


Flinto is an application tool that helps to create a unique interaction with designs. There are a number of gestures and features that you can use to compare your recent and last work. Flinto also helps you to identify the difference between the works you have done. Thus it is very helpful for an ordinary person.

Although, Flinto is iOS software, it will soon become familiar once you start to use it. It has an online process of online documentation making it an easier website.

Image Source : Flinto


7. Sketch


Sketch is software mostly used by MacBook users. It is a lightweight UI/UX tool used by modern designers. It is more like adobe Photoshop, the main difference is only prototyping and it also holds the highest share in wireframe and prototyping space. With a size of nearly 20 megabyte, it doesn’t need many resources.

To use a sketch, one has just to buy a license and renew it yearly. It is one of the greatest software for most app designers. To edit photos, you might have to combine this app with other tools such as Photoshop or Adobe illustrator.

Image Source : Sketch


8. Axure RP


Axure RP is a complete tool for designing and most of the professional designers prefer to use Axure RP for designing. It gives you all the options from initial point to finish helping you in designing your website. However there are some limitations in Axure RP.

Beside prototyping, it has features for mockups, flowchart and graphical documentation. Axure RP also helps you in coding if you are a coding lover. It has all the design needs that a designer needs and it depends upon your creativity how to utilize it for a better experience.

Image Source : Axure


9. Canva


Canva is software used for creating images, making templates and drawing banners quickly and easily. Canva is free browsing software which can be used by both professional and unprofessional designer. It is easy to use software with effective templates making it useful software.

Even professional designers recommend Canva as software because of the content available. There are both paid and unpaid themes and images available according to the use of a particular designer. Apart from all these qualities Canva offers a wide range of verities in design making it more flexible application to use.

Image Source : Canva


10. Marvel


Marvel is basically software which contains all the features of designing, prototyping and collaborating to help any team in designing. Apart from this, it also helps you to synchronize your design from other tools and even from Google drive. Hence it provides you a lot of options for your designing.

Furthermore, you can also add different designs from different tools and increase the level of animations in that. After inserting and using marvel one don’t need to worry about using an after effect for their design.

Image Source : Marvel app


11. UXPin


The last but not the least designing tool in our list is UXPin. This application is available for Mac, Windows and browser. Other designing tools usually act as interaction by joining different elements but UXPin helps you to work with different logics and components.

Recently API request is the latest addition to UXPin’s interaction capabilities. This feature helps you to have an application that shares your product within your design tools without any need of code. Nowadays UXPin is one of the most famous and engaged software used by website designing companies for designing their tech products.

Image Source : UXpin



As we discussed all these software these are some of the applications and software that are used by designers to design their application and make sudden different changes. Top most giants also prefer to use some of this software for development of their website.

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cyberchord February 10, 2020

10 Tips To Enhance The Storytelling In Your Website Design

Stories play a crucial role in the up-bringing of any person. From childhood to adult age we are taught different stories. Some of these stories teach us moral while some give us information. Every story has its own importance and lesson. Way of storytelling has changed over the years from newspapers and magazines to digital and visual.

Today the internet is leading the world towards new opportunities. In this modern era, the way of storytelling has also changed for business and now stories are told through websites. Although it is never easy to increase storytelling, there are some tips to improve storytelling of website design.

Some Tips To Improve Storytelling In Your Website

1. Images

It is obvious to say that images are an important aspect of storytelling. Images are a good way to make your story visual to people. A person should always prefer images over text and number because images are visuals that help any person to understand your story better. If you have visuals on your website it is obvious that more people will like to visit your website.

2. Background Images

Another important aspect that affects the storytelling of a website is background images. Colorful background images make your website more attractive and drive more traffic on your website. These website don’t have to do much of work. The only work that these background images are assigned is to stay in background and attract more people towards their content. These images can vary from focused to blur according to the requirement.

3. Content

One of the most important factors that affect the storytelling of any website is content or choice of words for the website. Content also defines your website traffic as well as your target audience. A company or an organization should make sure that content is not too lengthy and have brief information. A well written text will automatically be easy to understand.

4. Examples

Examples are also a very important part of storytelling. Sometimes people might not understand your content with the help of your text or images. So at that time examples played a crucial role in storytelling. Examples portray a better idea of your website. In addition to this, sometimes examples can be relatable to people making website storytelling more relevant. There can be different examples and illustrations. Some of them can be professional while some can be humorous.

5. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is the most trending way of storytelling in web design. Basically parallax scrolling. This technique allows different people to scroll through different layers of the website and these layers also respond in a different way for the visitor. In parallax scrolling images on a website is stable and content acts as a medium of storytelling in different ways.

6. Videos

We are taking visuals as the most powerful storyteller for any website but how can we forget about videos. Videos are the most powerful source of storytellers as they contain both visual and audio to describe the visuals. Another important part of video is that videos contain different transitions and effects which make it more attractive and eye catching.

7. Interactivity

Having small interactive on websites enhances throughout your site and it helps to increase personality and establishing interest. Interactive refers to different effects over websites to increase the interest of people. Interactive includes special effects which have special capabilities. Interactive can also be in the form of pop-ups that appear when a window or slide is opened by any viewer.

8. Answerable

While scrolling any website, we see there are a number of questions that arise in any customer’s mind. It is also obvious that they will be extremely happy if their queries are answered quickly, So there should be an option always available on websites to answer the question of the customers to enhance user experience and improve the story telling of your website.

9. Sharing Option

There should be an option available in your website through which your users can share your website. It means if there is an option available it would be easy for any client to share a website to other users. It will directly enhance the customer base of the client. Share button should contain options to share your website to different other sources and other social media sites.

10. Call To Action

Apart from sharing and answering queries, there should be an option of call to action. This option will enable clients and customers to contact or enquire about any services with the help of a call. By tapping on this option client will be able to contact you through a call. This will make clients more comfortable while sharing their problems and queries. It will also give them a sense that companies or organizations are ready to help customers.


To sum up, these were some of the tips that can help you enhance the storytelling of your product. However, it might be difficult for an ordinary person to operate and do these changes and they might even require any expert. Here at cyber chord technologies we have those experts who can help you improve storytelling of your website because we are best website designing company in chandigarh


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7 Best e-Commerce CMS Platforms To Build Online e-Commerce Store

E-commerce has grown to its peak in the last few years and it is expected to grow more in upcoming years. An e-commerce CMS is an essential part to create an online website. There are some platforms through which you can use in 2020 to boost your sales and make your business successful. In this pressure CMS plays a crucial role, but the question is what is CMS and what are its features.

What Is CMS?

CMS refers to a content management system. First responsibility of CMS is to manage and adjust the digital content. This system helps owners of the store to operate and write content in an easy way.

Digital content usually includes:-

• Images
• Videos
• Documents
• Marketing materials

Now the another question that rises is what are the features of CMS, So these are some feature of CMS

Features of CMS

  • Installation of wizards and upgrade
  • SEO
  • Customized templates for changing designs
  • Integration of audit logs
  • Collaboration platform
  • Extensibility and modularity
  • Management of version
  • Group and user functionality
1. For Every Business Size

Content management system is considered to be the best ecommerce solution. It helps to bring different changes in a business and increase the simplicity and flexibility of the business. Furthermore, it helps businessmen and owners to keep an eye on the content of their website.

2. User-friendly

CMS is a program which is user friendly. Hence it helps business executives to upload any data with ease and in a short time. Apart from this, CMS doesn’t require any difficult process.

3. Fast Integration

Content management system is a quick process for integration of your content through a website. Information under CMS is uploaded as it is required.

4. Easy To Access

CMS interface is usually a browser based interface, hence it is easy to access from any mobile phone as well as laptop. It directly enhances the accessibility of the CMS. Only thing required to operate CMS is an internet connection. This feature of CMS helps business owners to operate their business from wherever required.

These are some features of CMS which make it an essential part of the business. There are different eCommerce CMS for online stores that help in their content management.

Top 7 Ecommerce CMS For Online Stores

1. Magento


Without any doubt magento is the top leading platform in the ecommerce CMS world. According to a report, every year nearly $100 billion gross merchandise volume is handled by magento. There are a number of themes and applications in magento which helps customers and business owners to manage their content. Recently magento was bought by adobe for $1.68 billion. Even magento is completely free but you may have to pay for premium themes and hosting.

Image Source : https://magento.com/



Prestashop holds an image of being the most powerful and popular free to use website. Mostly prestashop is used in European zones. According to a report nearly 3 lacks, stores use the services of prestashop for their websites worldwide. In 2016, prestashop was also included in top 5000 fastest growing private companies of the world. In addition to this, they also got an award for CMS critic awards for best ecommerce software.

Image Source : https://www.prestashop.com/en



As everybody knows WordPress is the leader of CMS, this helps WooCommerce is the most powerful free to use ecommerce website. WooCommerce has a lot of themes and functions which improve the quality of the website. One of the most important benefits of these software is that they help to open the various features of WooCommerce.

Image Source : https://woocommerce.com/



Shopify has been the most growing ecommerce premium CMS. Shopify is a Canadian Ecommerce company which deals in ecommerce platform and retail point of sales system. According to a survey nearly 6 lakh active stores are using Shopify as their ecommerce store.

Image Source : https://www.shopify.in/



OpenCart is a well known and established ecommerce platform because it is free to use and it is also easy to use. Businessmen usually spend a lot of time and money to develop their store. However OpenCart helps businesses to establish them without much investment. OpenCart approximately has 14,000 extensions and themes. It also has more than 20 payment methods. To sum up OpenCart is a perfect ecommerce CMS for a small budget business.

Image Source : https://www.opencart.com/


To start a business, BigCommerce is considered to be a good option among all different ecommerce suppliers. There are different customizations available in BigCommerce and more than 50 thousand people are using it. Apart from scalability BigCommerce also has SEO and multi channel integration. This is why millions of people are using BigCommerce as their ecommerce platform.


UberCart which is also considered as most ecommerce CMS in 2019. UberCart is used for hosting servers with PHP and MySQL installed. Apart from this millions of users are currently using UberCart as their Ecommerce platform. UberCart is easy to access and has a number of themes installed in it.

Image Source : https://www.drupal.org/project/ubercart


After all this discussion it is obvious to say that ecommerce plays a crucial part in any business and it is very important for any business or website to use ecommerce CMS for better management of the business website.

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cyberchord February 4, 2020

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