Tips For a Successful Local Business Website

Websites are a crucial aspect of local business nowadays, there are different designs and templates that are followed by local business organizations for their website. Customers also access websites from different devices so, user interface and user experience designs have become essential part of a website.

Local business websites, in past time used to focus on optimized content techniques for a better ranking of their website. However, nowadays the trend has changed and there are many other aspects such as user interface and user experience that are much needed for a successful website. Apart from this, prototyping and wireframe are also important for a successful local website.

User experience refers to the amount of satisfaction that a client or customer gets while accessing your website. So, it is very essential for any website to have good accessibility. To enhance user experience there are different tips that a local website can follow.

Different Tips For a Local Website For a Good Accessibility

  • Payment System

    Payment system in a local website is an option which is essential for both website as well as customer. This option allows customers to make purchase. An integrated payment system is a good option for any business. There are some steps that can help you make your payment system attractive and same at same point. If your payment section matches your website design it will automatically enhance the attractiveness. You can recreate your payment section according to design of your website. Different options such as buttons, text fields, drop down and other elements can be formed according to the website design.

  • Maps

    Maps on a website also increase user experience and user interface. Different business websites have different kinds of maps according to the service business is offering. Some of the local websites use simple embedded map while some prefer to have a tailored content with a map API. These different maps are used for a better customer experience. Maps will help customer to find the exact address or location of your business. Designers of the website should use SSL to enhance the security of the website. This option will help customer to be safe while making any payment. This safety measure will automatically increase the reliability of the website as well.
    There are different suggestions of maps which include

    • Google maps
    • Bing maps
    • Apple maps

    These are different map providers which are commonly used, Google maps are most preferred maps as it is used by most of the people. This is why, most of local websites also prefer to use google maps.

    Another important aspect that a local business website needs to keep in mind are size and location of map on a web page.
    You should make sure that; customer gets all the required information from the default size of map. Zoom in and Zoom out options are also important because customer might access your website from a small device and screen size can vary in different devices.

    View is also essential, you can either choose satellite view or map view. Map view is simple and easier to load whereas satellite view is heavier to load but provides clear picture.

  • Call To Action

    There are different options on website through which customer can contact you and most important among these options is CTA or call to action. For a local business CTA is important because it helps to increase conversions for a business and it also increase customer base.

    A good call to action button should contain wisely chosen words, you should make sure that sentence is neither too long nor too short. Strong, relevant and effective words is a popular way to attract customers. Effective tag line will automatically have a strong impact on customers.

    Apart from this, color contrast is also crucial for call to action button. The page should be designed in a way that call to action button is visible properly to customer and visitors on the website. Another important aspect is heat maps; heat maps help to find how many times Call to action is converted. You can use different templates of CTA and find out best for your website.

  • Prototyping and wireframing

    Prototyping and wireframing are also important for a local business website. There are thousand of tools which helps a local website. Some of these tools can be downloaded for free while some are paid tools. A proper working prototype should be created before the website is launched.

    Different ways can be followed by a website to make prototypes and wireframes. All design process and coding-based mockups can be also used. A good prototype will automatically fix the niggles in a website and also enhance strategy of website. Moreover, a good prototype and wireframe will help your website grow and you will be able to witness a new website for your business.


    So, these are some of the tips that a local business website can use to make their website attractive as well as effective. User experience and user interface will automatically improve once these changes are made to a website. We as CYBER CHORD TECHNOLOGIES focus on these aspects to provide better results for any organization by creating a unique and accessible website for their business.

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cyberchord February 24, 2020

How SEO Improve Your Brand Web Accessibility

Accessibility of a website is essential for any business. Customer satisfaction also plays a crucial role in the well being of business and a customer will only get its satisfaction if he can access the website with ease. Different factors and terms are used by different organizations to enhance the accessibility of their website. Even some companies appoint a set of experts to increase sites accessibility. This group of experts has specific knowledge in their respective fields to enhance the accessibility of the respective website.

Apart from this, this specific knowledge includes both practical and theoretical knowledge which is essential for business. This knowledge with the mixture of modern techniques helps business and organization to attain a certain level of web accessibility which is required for any business organization. Many technical and non-technical inputs also play crucial roles to make a website easy to access.

Now the question is why a website needs to be accessible? And the answer is the same ‘for a better customer base’. Different people will visit your website and look for certain things but your accessibility will decide whether that person is going to be your client or not? Accessibility of your website will be your first impression of the customer mind and key factor for your customer base.

There are different factors and techniques that attract relevant customer base for your website and make them ask for your service. Some of the factors essential for having a good accessibility are-

Before reading the content, services or anything on your website any visitor will look for design in the landing page. It is obvious to say that if your landing page is attractive and colorful, visitors are going to surf further. In case if the customer found it boring or irrelevant the customer will automatically look for other competitors. So it is very essential for any business organization to make sure that their designs are simple yet attractive to be understood by a lame person. It will directly enhance the user experience of your website.

1. Title Tag


Whenever a person is going to search for your services or product Google will surely recommend some of the common searched options. Title tag refers to the title visible on the browser and on your search engine. Hence it is very important for any organization. If your title tag is not simple and understandable it will directly affect customers and customers will not spend that much time on your website and it will also affect your website negatively.

2. Content


A person is never going to opt for your services until that person understands your services. Content of a website is as crucial as design on the website. No one is interested in reading long old paragraphs, so it is very essential for a website to manage their content in a way that every individual visiting their website is interested in their website. To make this happen content should be divided into small paragraphs to enhance the readability of the website. A good reading score means that more people will be able to read your website easily and understand it easily.

3. Header

Header tags basically define the order in the form of ranking of a website. It can be related to different paragraphs according to services mentioned on different pages. Header tags are stated in six different levels from H1 to H6. It is very essential to put all these tags according to the website, because one wrong header tag can affect the presentation of the whole website. This is why different organizations and agencies appoint expert web designers to maintain and create a website.

4. Alt Text


Alt text refers to the text which is used as specification in images. Alt text helps to provide textual alternatives to the visual pictures available on the website. Different organizations make mistakes by comparing alt text to caption. A caption is mentioned below the picture but alt text is not mentioned below the picture. It is a back-end link which is not even visible to the customer. But nonetheless it is essential for websites because it helps different search engines to find relevant results according to the search of a particular person.

5. Anchor Text

Clickable text on any website of any organization is because of the anchor text. There are different formulas and text that are attached with the text to make it clickable and interlink with other pages of the website. Anchor texts are the same as header text and it is used to connect different pages relevantly. A well managed and presented text enables different customers to navigate easily on website. It is also very essential for a website as it enhances the customer experience.

6. Video Context


Just like images and content video content also plays a crucial role in creating a website. Visuals are also an important part of websites as they help customers and clients to visualize your website and create a better part for the customer. Video context should not be that much as compared to normal text or quantity but it holds a specific grip in creating a better and user friendly website.

7. Other Components

We always keep considering the fact about the key components of the website, but there are other many miscellaneous factors that are essential for any business. These different factors together have a major impact on the website accessibility. Factors such as speed and CTA are essential because these factors also make websites more accessible for a customer.


So these are different components that make websites more accessible and co-operative, but as we discussed it is not a cup of tea for everyone so you need a team of experts who can help you deal with all these queries. Talking about experts there is one expert that comes into mind which is cyber chord technologies. In case if you need any help regarding your web accessibility contact cyber chord (best digital marketing agency in Chandigarh)

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