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Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2020

Digital marketing, no doubt, has become the most important part of business marketing strategies. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small business or a settled one; the trend of digital marketing can’t be ignored. With ongoing digital marketing trends, even a small business entrepreneur that has less budget is gaining success. Now there is no field left that doesn’t use digital marketing.

But the fact is, digital marketing is changing rapidly, and it isn’t easy to stand on the same legacy of marketing and think we can gain success.

In 2020, with coming advancement and huge trends, the marketers need to adopt the latest tools and techniques to meet with the marketing trend.

If you don’t follow these trends, then you will surely stand nowhere on the online platform. So, let’s check out the digital marketing trends that we need to follow to achieve a standard place on the online platform.

Digital Marketing Trends that You Need to Follow

If you want to know what digital marketing strategies you should follow in 2020, then you must pay attention to these things.

Instagram is a Big Yes

Recently, digital marketing updates show that Instagram has crossed one billion users. This indicates that Instagram, in the future, proves to be the biggest online platform and, most importantly, to market your business.

But marketers need to pay some attention that Instagram decided to remove the like option from the posts. Thus, companies need to pay more attention to this impact in 2020.

Interactive Content remains Mainstream

Engaging and interactive content is still the first thing that catches the eyes of the visitors first, than your services. By reading the content, they will decide whether they stay on your site or not.

According to research, 93% of marketers’ rate engaging content as the most effective marketing strategy than others.

This trend will buzz up a little more in 2020. The companies will take the leverage of content marketing strategy, cutting edge marketing tactics, and more impressive augmented reality to make more remarkable content.

The Emails will be more Personalized

In 2020, emails still hit the digital marketing trends list. It will continue as the way of communicating with the potential audience. But generic email marketing will not be effective as there is enormous competition.

Now, this will need to be more personalized and combined with automation. When you hit the emails with more personalized content and product that the user is looking for, the chances are more to gain their trust.

Email still is the most important trigger to call an action in 2020, especially when it is combined with the new personalized marketing trend.

Conversational App Marketing will Boost Up

Social media messaging apps are no longer a way of connecting with friends and loved ones. Now, messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger play a significant role in marketing.

There is no surprise to know that 1.3 billion users are active on Messenger. Whereas traditional messaging apps are still far from them.

Thus, for a better digital marketing future, marketers should start engaging with their audience to promote products and services in front of them. These messaging apps will allow marketers to broadcast their services in a personalized way.

In 2020, you will find that these messaging apps will hit the digital marketing trend in more engaging ways.

Influencer Marketing is still on Its Way

Influencer marketing still rules the platform in 2020. It’s a form of marketing that influences marketing leaders in broadcasting your brand message and promoting your service.

An influencer can be any celebrity, Instagram famous personality, or YouTuber. You can use them to deliver your message and create awareness about your brand through their social media channels.

But why influencer marketing is still ruling the digital marketing platform?

Influencers are speakers, and people observe them. Nearly 63% of the audience trusts in these influencers blindly. Their opinion matters to the audience a lot. This is why it still rules the digital marketing platform.

Due to this reason, many marketing experts and companies switch to the ads campaign with celebrities.

Visual Search hits the Platform

If you already use video marketing, then regular video marketing will no longer impress you. But another visual search will come into existence where people upload impressive images and get more visibility.

Not to surprise, Pinterest Lens bang on the marketing strategies. This comes with a new update as a lens, which is a visual tool for search that allows the audience to choose the image to search the product they are finding.

Pinterest, no doubt, is home for more than 2.l5 billion fashion objects. Moreover, to bring more advancement, they also bring Pincodes and a QR code technology that allows you to find the object and shop more efficiently.

Another visual search engine platform brings new updates like Google Lens to improve searching on the Google search engine. It will help in recognizing the landmarks and objects through the camera app.

Bing visual searching and CamFind will also rule the platform of digital marketing to make it more impressive.

Chatbots (The Consumer Services)

The Chatbots is the new artificial intelligence software that will act as the medium of communicating with the audience and assist them in accomplishing their goals.

This Chatbot is the new digital marketing update that helps to interact with the consumers impressively. Although you will have the same text windows, possible, you will get the audio interaction too.

By the time, this will help in collecting the data accurately, and that will improve the services that you provide to the users.

The Micro-Moments Empower the Marketing

The Micro-moment empowers the digital marketing platform in 2020. The moment when we turn on other devices to call an action on the services we need.

Usually, people make a quick decision when they need to eat something from the restaurant and what they want to purchase.

Thus, micro-moment in the year 2020 will come into existence where users use more devices to search on the things and take the information.

Final Thoughts In 2020, digital marketing will hit the next level. Now, as you are aware of the digital marketing process in 2020, you need an expert like Cyber ChordTechnologies. The

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cyberchord March 20, 2020

Digital Marketing Tools To Automate Your Efforts

The current skyrocketing marketing landscape is often categorized as an unanticipated sector in which the consumers and their choices are continually evolving. Hence, most of the companies are therefore focusing on marketing automation tool without even knowing whether they genuinely need it.

However, for most of you, marketing automation tools may sound like a puzzling thing. But it’s actually digital marketing fundamental that every business requires at a particular point in time. Thus, before commencing further on automation tools, let’s understand-

What are Digital Marketing Automation & Tools?

Digital marketing automation has evolved over time as a massive and one of the most significant sectors. However, this mainly happened as the number of marketing technologies is expanding daily.

Digital marketing automation leads to special software tools and technology tailored by marketing teams and companies to market more efficiently on various digital networks ( e.g., email, blogs, social media, etc.) and automates the running tasks.  

These software and tools help marketers optimize and simplify consumer engagement by handling diverse channels for marketing campaigns only from a single platform.

Digital Marketing tools for automation support digital marketers throughout the areas, including Lead Generation, Marketing Relationship, Lead nurturing & Lead Score, Segmentation, Cross-Sell & Up-sell, Marketing ROI measurement, and Retention.

What Marketing Automation Offers?

Marketing automation offers fantastic perks to the user, such as more leads, clicks, and ample sales, everything with less effort. Most of the businesses employing automation are seeing significant growth in sales or leads, a 14 percent increase in productivity, sales, and a 12 percent decrease in marketing operating costs.

Automation for marketing professionals provides incredible potential for greater efficiency, improved consumer service; all such things at a reasonable cost. Relying solely on an automation process can sound challenging. But with some essential guidance, it will become more straightforward for you than you think!

Here, in this article, it’s briefly described how digital marketing tools can automate your entire business working environment.

Power Up Your Digital Marketing: 

Allows You to Focus on Your Business Mission- The critical advantage of marketing automation is that it provides you additional precious time to concentrate more on your goals, your mission of the business. If you’re already a businessman and have loads of things to do, then you must bring automation tools in your industry. Ultimately you can schedule your work and focus only on the vital attributes that are more important to you. 

Marketing automation can easily handle routine, time-consuming activities. You’ll notice that fantastic automation systems will provide you a deep insight over your entire digital marketing growth simultaneously to make a fast decision based on the information you get. 

Offers Lead Nurturing and Development- You will notice that tools for marketing automation are precious. If you run a company that focuses on consumer behavior and feedback from customers, then ultimately, in this way, you’ll be controlling mass marketing activities.

Automation systems offer you an ability to hold your business on the road and push much farther without any additional burden on your shoulders. It can help you to stay in contact with your mass customer base all the same time that automatically expands your business.  

Less repetition, more creativity- When you use digital marketing techniques and campaigns to automate tedious processes, such as again and again doing a repetitive task, you can find a clear route for doing work without any hassle. 

Although it provides direct benefits to your business that boost productivity, performance, innovation, and overall satisfaction, all this happens as you will be focusing only on innovative activities instead of tricky routine tasks.

Reduce the time it takes to create campaigns- Most of the tools for automation marketing include a drag & drop interface, which facilitates you exceptionally well, without the technical knowledge or design. Such as it helps you to develop email campaigns, outstanding social campaigns, and quirky landing pages.

You can run marketing campaigns even more quickly and effectively by not spending a long time on designing in order to create attractive campaigns. In this way, you’ll be saving more time.

Save time managing your social media campaigns- Most marketing automation encourages you to handle all promotions in social media without any hassle using a single dashboard only from where you can easily post to multiple social media accounts. Platforms such as Tweetdeck and Hootsuite are some of the best tools that are quite useful for doing this. But still, these tools require the expert’s hand to implement them successfully in your business.

Take your marketing activity to an ultra-targeted level.

Do you also aspire to elevate your business and defeat your competitors? Feeling tired with all those usual and ordinary ways to manage your business of which outcome never satisfied you? Then why don’t you change your way of working and bring some automation in your business?

Moreover, if you want to see the entire happening inside the walls for your business with a new insight in an innovative way, then you must visit Cyber Chord Technologies Pvt. Ltd- one of the renowned and most reliable digital marketing agencies in Chandigarh, where your business is refined and from where you provide a significant boost to your business.

In this era of competition where everything is happening at a fast pace, it is also essential for your business to improve with time. Everything has made it easy with the introduction of technology. If you are still using all those exhausting and tricky processes to operate your business and not yet think about digital marketing services, then right now, you must begin to add it as an essential and needy part for your business.

For instance, as with the introduction of automation tools, digital marketing trend is skyrocketing and coming up as the most preferable and desirable choice among the businesses and leading companies. If you want to transform your business with digital automation, you can contact Cyber Chord Technologies, where your business will be seeing new ways of success.  

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Types Of Digital Marketing And How To Use Them

These days, people love to invest their time on computers, Smartphones, browse on the internet, and like to stay active on social media. For a reason, as social media and the internet world has become the most crowded hotspot, people visit to find answers for their queries. Thus, digital marketing is now on a hike among businessmen as well.  

By providing the solution to people’s queries online, businessmen strive to attract ample audience and in return, earn an abundant profit by promoting their product or services. That’s why, over time, digital marketing has come up with one of the fastest-growing sectors, creating a kind of win-win situation for both sellers and buyers. 

Most specifically, digital marketing is aimed to attract users from the internet world that stands it best beyond all those traditional methods of marketing. It can give a significant boost to businesses once you know how to use this unbelievable thing in your sector. 

For instance, these days, only creating a website and doing ordinary things with expectations that it will step up your business doesn’t work for you. Most of the digital marketing experts never recommend every step of digital marketing to follow. Instead, each digital marketing module works significantly for each business model. So, let’s take a glance at the types of digital marketing.  

Type 1 of Digital Marketing- SEM

SEM is defined as Search Engine Marketing. It commonly includes entire PPC & SEO operations. However, it’s not that simple thing to expect traffic on your website by only relying on search engines, which concludes the big reason why most of the leading companies are focusing on SEO and PPC. 

Both are the ultimate source to bring traffic on a website through both paid and unpaid ways. However, still for an ordinary or inexperienced person, using PPC and understanding entire things about SEO isn’t an easy task. 

How to use SEO- Beginning with SEO (search engine optimization), everyone knows it, and most digital marketers are still suffering to understand it entirely. Learning SEO is endless, there’s no limit to learn SEO functions. 

But studying it in-depth quickly ramps up your company. Numerous things come in SEO, such as meta tags, title, subheading, a sharp mind to include keywords, content, permalink, internal links, image optimization, coding, and many more things. 

But don’t worry, you don’t have any need to learn entirely about SEO and do it on your own. Instead of it, hiring digital marketing experts can be an ideal option for you. 

How to use PPC- PPC, or Pay-per-click, is one of the dominant ways of advertising and one of the fastest ways to reach the audience’s view on the crowded search engines quickly, e.g., Bing or Google. In simple words, it is one of the best paying methods to rank on Google. 

It’s named PPC as anytime whenever someone clicks on your advertisement, a specific amount is charged from you, and you are always free to decide your limits. Moreover, the cost of each click on an ad depends upon keywords, its volume, and competition. And an expert can specify you about how this can help you.

Type 2 of Digital marketing- Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media directly engages you with your target audience. A few best social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are on the rise. So, social media has massive potential to ramp-up your business. That’s why most of the leading companies strive to engage ample audiences by running social media campaigns that easily expand their brand identity.

Moreover, startups also find social media an instant way to enter a market with a big boost. But it also bases on a few things if you desire the best results from social media marketing. 

How to use social media marketing- First, you need to understand your goal, your target audience to whom you want to sell your product or services. Here, consumer behavior hosts a crucial role. 

Understand your product. If its visual identity attracts people, then focus more on Pinterest, Instagram. If it includes some motion, then Youtube or Tiktok can be the best option. 

Besides, if it includes some information or services, then go with Linked-in or Facebook. However, Facebook is all-rounder, and you can add it as a permanent social media network in your business. 

Type 3 of Digital marketing- Content Marketing

‘Content is the king’ no matter whether it is written or visual. If your content delivers maximum value customer yearns for then, it can quickly improve the searches of your website. Most of the B2B businesses believe in creating content as it is considered the best if done with the quick-witted digital marketing skills

How content marketing works?-However, creating content is entirely based up to you. If your content includes some exciting and catchy things that can easily attract the audience, then it can create the probability of your website becoming dominant on Google.

You can quickly build your brand, and thus, no one can defeat you in this era of competition that is emerging with an intensive competition day by day. So here, taking expert’s assistance can remarkably provide your business with excellent results. 

Type 4 of Digital marketing- Email Marketing

Ask any big affiliator or blogger; Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to grow with digital marketing. Nowadays, email marketing is the centered-focused element of digital marketing. What paid methods, such as PPC or SEO, can’t do, email marketing manages to do that for you quickly. But few things make email marketing a bit tricky for a novice. Luckily most of the digital marketing companies are providing it to their clients. Let’s see-

How to use email marketing- Doing email marketing isn’t like sending anything to your targeted audience. It can easily create a bad image of your brand if it is not done properly. It is believed to be one of the most powerful digital marketing methods

The essential thing to consider in Email marketing is spammy words; most of the marketers suffer. There is a list of spam words that shouldn’t be included in your content you want to send to your prospects through the email and further such information you can find on the internet too. 

In email marketing, you are required to create a single email, ensuring in-depth details. That’s why people endeavor to hire experts or consult a digital marketing company for this.

Type 5 of Digital marketing- Influencer / Affiliate Marketing

You might be aware of affiliate marketing. Nowadays, it is a rapidly growing way of earning. Whenever someone hears about affiliate marketing as a digital marketing option, one thing definitely pop-ups in their mind, referring, selling, and earn a commission. But it is an ultimate option to sell your product on fire and generate huge revenue.   

How to use affiliate marketing- Affiliate marketing or influencer marketing isn’t a difficult way to earn a huge profit from the digital market. If you are striving to include affiliate marketing as a part of your digital marketing campaign, you can contact a blogger, vlogger, or social media influencer who’ll promote your product. 

Ultimately, whenever a sale is made through their referral links to your webpage, a significant percentage of the amount from that sale will be deposited to the influencer account. So this is how entire affiliate marketing works for you. It has excellent potential to deliver success in your business.       

Final thoughts

These were some of the most important digital marketing types you can initiate for your business. But still, there are a lot of things you require to understand utterly, because, in this modern era, digital marketing can be full of jargon for you if you aren’t an experienced person.

But don’t worry! Cyber Chord Technologies has come up with an ultimate option to all those digital marketing services seekers who want to expand their business with a significant type of digital marketing. For any information, contact Cyber Chord Technologies, where your entire business will be seeing a new dawn of success. 

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Digital Immigrants And Digital Natives

It is often said that, humans have changed the technology but it is unsaid fact that technology has also changed human acceptance towards the marketing strategy for their businesses.

Do you know there are numerous opportunities to promote your business and boost your sales?

Yes, not just NEWSPAPERS, TELEVISION, RADIO, PAMPHLATES etc., but it’s through digital platforms like FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GOOGLE etc.

Like most of the things, methods of marketing have changed with time. Advertisements can be seen on every web browser. Promotions techniques have also developed, more people are now following these methods. Digital marketing has become the new face of marketing but still traditional marketing has its own importance and it is followed by many organizations.

Organization, companies & individuals who are still using newspaper, hoardings, magazines, television and radios for promotion of their business and sales are referred as “DIGITAL IMMIGRANTS”.

However, companies & individuals who are using social media platforms such as facebook, instagram, Google etc. for promotion of their brand presence and sales are referred as “DIGITAL NATIVE

As discussed earlier, Digital marketing and Traditional marketing both have their own importance and this is why people choose them as a way of marketing.

Benefits of Being a “DIGITAL IMMIGRANT”

• Growth of Small Businesses


Digital marketing not only offer growth to business working at large scale but it also provides opportunities for small business owner to promote their business at same level as large business do with same amount of investment.

• Brand Reputation

Another benefit that Digital marketing offer to business is brand value. Digital marketing helps a business to enhance their brand value by promoting them online. Nowadays, individuals like to buy what they see. A good reputation and brand value will automatically enhance your customer base.

• Audience Reach


Every business or organization work to have a strong customer base and digital marketing is one of the best options to have wide customer base. This customer base is not limited to local areas, it also helps you to reach your business to individuals far from you and enhance your business reach as well as customer reach.

• Tracking

Beside communicating with customer Digital marketing also help you to track your potential customer and let them know about your services. This also makes your business flexible and let you make change according to the need of the hour.

• Cover Wide Information

Digital marketing helps clients to know many things about your business with just one click. Apart from this, it also help them to ask queries from you related your business which you can answer instantly and build your trust over them.

  • Growth of Small Business
  • Face To Face Interaction
  • Brand Reputation
  • Reach Target Audience Quicker
  • Cover Wide Information
  • Less Expensive Options
  • Tracking
  • Don’t Require Any Expertise
  • Audience Reach
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Solving Customer Problems


To conclude, both marketing strategies have their own importance and they have different features but it always good to try new things and innovations. Digital marketing is a platform which provide wide quality of services for business and organizations. So, every business should try this and explore more about their business and if you need an expertise for this work CYBER CHORD TECHNOLOGIES is here to help you answer your queries.

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Why Digital Marketing Is Better Than Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is the oldest form of marketing. It is the first parameter from where marketing and advertising started. People at that time used to make a lot of efforts to promote their brand and its value. Different methods such as newspaper, television, radio, weekly magazines and billboards were used by companies and organizations to enhance their business value.

On the other hand, digital marketing or online marketing refers to a wide range of marketing that covers a major part of the society nowadays. Apart from this digital marketing is also more versatile and unique than traditional market. Digital marketing is also the technique of the modern world and that is why it is more acceptable nowadays.
However, every coin has two sides and so does traditional and digital marketing. There are different factors which can state that digital marketing is a better option for the modern world.

Different Benefits of Digital Marketing as Compared To Traditional Marketing

1. Cost Effective


Traditional method of marketing involved a lot of cost due to surge in prices of newspaper ads and television ads. This meant that only businesses of large scale can afford them. Whereas, digital marketing doesn’t involve that much cost which makes it more suitable for every business scale. Thus it is said to be true that digital marketing is a cost effective and relevant method on the basis of investment.

2. Easy To Calculate

Another benefit of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that it is easy to calculate and easy to measure. Different digital marketing software allows different organizations to keep a track on their customers and users. In traditional marketing, companies and organizations have to wait for weeks to get results of their advertisement. However, digital marketing provides maximum results within a short span.

3. Remote Nature

another. Online advertisements are very easy to access as they can be shifted from a page to another with a click and it can be shared with multiple people through social media. On the other hand, traditional marketing includes pamphlets which were not that easy to move and were accessible in a small area.

4. Better Customer Relation


Digital marketing allows you to have better customer relations with clients all over the world. People can share easy feedback on your website. Apart from this they can also post different reviews on your sites according to their preferences. This directly enhances the response of your website. Traditional marketing however doesn’t have that much interaction with customers and doesn’t allow you to engage with customers. Digital marketing also offers chat options whereas traditional marketing doesn’t do it.

5. Every Field

Digital marketing on the one hand covers all the aspects and it also covers different marketing scales. There are different packages and offers that digital marketing agencies offer for business of different scale. Traditional marketing doesn’t contain this feature and there are same scale plans and that too at higher cost as discussed earlier. So even here, digital marketing wins over traditional marketing.

6. Faster Results

Results are the only thing marketing is being done for. There is no doubt that traditional marketing delivers results and delivered results are pretty much accurate. But they cannot simply compare with online marketing because of the speed. In this growing world with new technologies. Digital marketing directly delivers more results and faster than traditional marketing which increases the publicity of any organization or company.

7. Brand Image


Digital marketing plays a crucial role in building a brand image as it covers a wider area. Promoting your business online means that you are working on a large customer base and you want to target more audience. Unique website design and templates provides you an image that simple newspaper ads might not. Apart from this, color combination also plays a crucial role in creating a brand value. Traditional marketing will never provide this much facilities and uniqueness for a brand value.

8. Return on Investment

We have been talking about low cost of digital marketing as compared to traditional marketing but we didn’t talk about return on investment. Another important benefit that digital marketing delivers is return on investment. No marketing strategy can deliver those results that digital marketing delivers due to consistent and accurate results.

9. Targeted Audience


In traditional marketing it runs in a particular area or field but in digital marketing it reaches the set of audience an organization wants to target. After considering all the factors a particular set of audience is targeted and after that different social media are used to reach that audience. Hence relevant customers are attracted towards business and scale of business in enhanced as never before.


So these are some of the factors that prove that digital marketing is far better than traditional way of marketing nowadays. It also states that people are more serious about digital marketing as a business strategy as compared to traditional marketing. It is obvious to say that the key reason for this change is less cost and wider range. Considering all the things if you are also looking for a company which can help you grow digitally Cyber chord technologies is what you need. Contact cyber chord for better results because we are best digital marketing in Chandigarh and Mohali.

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Google My Business

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