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Why do I Need A Site?

There can be many answers to the above question depending on the nature of work or business that one is involved in.

A Site Has A Global Reach

A website is the best medium to reach a global audience. With the increase use of internet, A recent survey has come up with a data that around 80 to 90 % of users using internet or having internet facility are using the internet search to search for products, Check prices and latest offers, Compare products and check for reviews and with the growing numbers of people now getting connected to the internet via home pc's, mobiles and tablets. The future is for internet marketing and those without a website will lose on competition.

Reduces Operational Cost

With the deep reach of the internet and the fact that more and more users are coming on the net to research, check and buy products. Many companies are now creating online Store's where users can buy products online. This model has the advantage that a company can operate from a single location and sell its products all over the world instead of opening physical stores at many places thus reducing logistic, infrastructure and work force cost. With a website the cost of conventional advertising also reduces as you can showcase your products over the net.

Online Business Model

There are some businesses that specifically work from the net, mostly in the education sector where online study or distance learning / education is the preferred means. These companies have to maintain a website with additional online services like learning servers, Direct to school teaching over the internet, smart class teaching and the fact that online marketing and promotions are easy to handle in a business where the content changes on a frequent bases.

Faster And Effective Communication

With a website address and corporate emails, you can have a more personal, effective and faster means of communication with your users and customers. With better net visibility and a more organized means of data storage and retrieval, The communication and marketing effectiveness increases with a better and more personal understanding of yours clients needs.

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